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In this E-Learning school, you will find several amazing courses related to Industrial Automation and IIoT. If you are new in programming world and don't know where to start, shoot me a message at LinkedIn and I will assist you in your decision in deciding the course.

I am M.Sc graduate in Mechatronics from Siegen University. I started teaching online from 2010 onward. I published courses on PLC, HMI, Drives, Node-RED, OPC UA, MQTT and MyQL. All the courses are starting from scratch and most of the software used are open-source. Check out some of the free courses in this school to get started. I have published total of 1000+ videos with 50+ quizzes and 100+ projects and still counting. Know more about me here

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The intention of this wiki is to provide one-stop platform to start the journey in Industrial Automation and IIoT. The internet is filled with information but sometime it is challenging to find the structured information. This wiki would be one of your best solution for free video tutorials for PLC, HMI, IO-Link, AC Drives - VFD, Stepper and Servo, Factory Automation, Robotics, IO-Link Technology. Node-RED. OPC UA, MySQL and Cloud computing with MQTT

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In this school, you will find various E-Learning courses related to Factory Automation - PLC, HMI, VFD, Servo drives, SCADA, IO-Link and IIoT tools like Node-RED, OPC UA, MySQL and MQTT.

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Check out our newly launched Wiki which has all the resources like course presentations, required manuals, Software, hardware requirement you need to learn along with our E-Learning courses.

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Get access to our private student community where you interact with like-minded programmers to share new ideas in Automation and IIoT. Only accessible to the students of Code and Compile