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E-Learning school for courses related to Industrial Automation and IIoT. Learn PLC Programming, HMI, AC Drives, Node-RED, OPC UA, MySQL and MQTT at one place. Check out some free courses to kick start your training

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Welcome to Code and Compile

In this E-Learning school, you will find several amazing courses related to Industrial Automation and IIoT. If you are new in programming world and don't know where to start, shoot me a message at LinkedIn and I will assist you in your decision.

I am M.Sc graduate in Mechatronics from Siegen University. I started teaching online from 2010 onward. I published courses on PLC, HMI, Drives, Node-RED, OPC UA, MQTT and MyQL. All the courses are starting from scratch and most of the software used are open-source. Check out some of the free courses in this school to get started.

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I have published total of 1000+ videos with 50+ quizzes and 100+ projects and still counting.