Everything you need to learn about S7-1200 PLC

If you are looking for a Siemens PLC Course where you want to learn how to program the PLC, HMI, and SCADA from scratch, this course would be the best start for you. In this bundled course you will learn the following:

  • Introduction to PLC hardware S7-1200 and understanding various elements of S7-1200
  • How to wire the S7-1200 PLC with sensors and actuators
  • How to communicate with S7-1200 PLC via TIA Portal
  • How to write PLC program in Ladder, FBD, and SCL using TIA Portal
  • Understanding Bit Logic Operations in TIA- AND, OR, XOR, Timer and Counter comparator, arithmetic, and move operation, Program control instructions, PLC tags, structure, databases, and UDT
  • Understanding P and PI control algorithms with industrial application
  • How to structure the PLC program to make editing easy
  • How to interface IFM IO-Link devices like Analog sensors with PLC
  • How to control IO-Link actuator like SmartLight using S7-1200
  • How to communicate two S7-1200 PLCs to exchange data
  • How to read high-speed input from encoder in S7-1200 using High speed counters
  • Reading device status in TIA portal over PROFINET
  • Analog Scaling in Siemens PLC
  • Understanding MODBUS communication between two S7-1200 PLCs
  • How to set up Web-server in S7-1200 and display PLC data
  • How to link KTP 400 HMI to S7-1200 PLC
  • How to make HMI screens in KTP 400 using visual elements
  • How to make an animation of a process in HMI via scripts
  • How to set up discrete and Analog alarms in HMI
  • How to use HMI Scripts (VB)
  • How to make user authorization in HMI using RFID Tags
  • How to link S7-1200 PLC with Ignition SCADA
  • How to monitor PLC data in Ignition SCADA
  • How to write data from Ignition data to S7-1200 PLC
  • How to interface MySQL with Ignition SCADA
  • How to store PLC data in MySQL using Ignition
  • How to make the analytical screen on SCADA screen using PLC data

All the above lessons are divided into three courses to make the flow of learning easy and abstract. This is an amazing wonderful opportunity to grab all three amazing courses at a reduced price which sums up your PLC journey under one platform.

Including 1 on 1 LIVE Session with Instructor:

Learning is best when you have instructor support. Although you will get lifetime community support in our private community. Along with this bundle, you have an opportunity to add 60 minutes 1 on 1 LIVE session with the instructor i.e. Rajvir Singh for any queries or project discussion which otherwise cost an extra 80€.

Key features of this bundle

Interface with hardware
Interface with hardware

Many hardware devices like S7-1200, KTP 400 HMI, IO-Link master, RFID Tags, SignalLight, High-speed encoders are used to teach the various programming commands of S7-1200

Industrial Applications

The lessons are taught with Industrial applications using virtual 3D industrial environment like FACTORY I/O. This makes learning interactive and fun.

Software Simulation

The PLC Programming and interfacing with SCADA software can be done via PLCSIM and net2plc software without the need of buying hardware.

Structured lessons with Subtitles

All the lessons are divided into three courses with lessons structured into various sections. Along with each lesson English subtitles (closed captions) are provided to understand the content better

Support via TeamViewer
Support via TeamViewer

We can understand how it feels when you have a big that you cannot get rid of. We provide technical support via TeamViewer to solve your queries or bugs during the course of training


Get access to all the resources which includes presentations, reference code used in the lessons. This will assist you to practice the lessons and keeping notes as back up

Course Preview: Learn S7-1200 Basic

This is a sample video from the course Learn S7.-1200 KTP 400 HMI from Scratch where you will learn about S7-1200 PLC hardware and various components

Course Preview: Learn S7-1200 Advanced

This is a course introductory video from the course Learn S7.-1200 KTP 400 HMI from Scratch where you will learn about the course curriculum and industrial applications covered in the course

Course Preview: Learn S7-1200 with Ignition SCADA

This is a course introductory video from the course Learn S7.-1200 with Ignition SCADA where you will one of the lesson from this course

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